“Something to Thank About from A to Z”

About this book

Have you ever considered thanking God for “Himself” from A to Z? Well, now is your chance. Something to Thank About from A to Z, will provide just that. It illuminates attributes of God you will appreciate and celebrate from being your All In All to your very own Zest for Living! It is an inspirational book to say ‘thank you God for who You are’ from A to Z, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

By reading and applying God’s Holy Word along with your everyday life experiences, this book can be applied in several ways. It can first and foremost can be used as an inspirational tool to raise your praise in giving thanks to God for Himself from A to Z. It provides Scripture references, prayerful expressions of gratitude, and my personal confirmations that will inspire and encourage you.

Not only does this book portrays who God is from A to Z, but it also makes available a space for you to insert your own revelation as to who He is, what He has done, is doing, and what He will do in your life. This will give you numerous opportunities to take an introspective view as you pray, meditate, insert, and express gratitude to God for Himself, through our Lord Jesus Christ.

 Also having Something to Thank About from A to Z will benefit all ages and cultures, from the young to the young at heart. It doesn’t matter the age or the nationality. The  young can be taught to memorize and thank  God according to His  attributes. The young at heart can reflect, praise, and share as they are inspired to walk in daily gratitude to God for God. This book will also aid in witnessing effectively, humbly, yet boldly to others as to why we all should be thankful to Him and for Him. No matter what challenges we may face in life, it is a privilege and an honor to share the attributes of God through expressing our gratitude.

 I assure you, you will be enhanced reading the many scripture references this book contains, thus serving as a Scripture study guide or devotional tool while you worship and give glory to God and for God in your everyday life.

“The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.” Psalm 18:2     In God, I will keep on thanking. By Hertistine Washington

Something to Thank About from A to Z can be purchased locally from the author, or  xulonpress.com, amazon.com, and Barnes and Nobles.com. Get your copy today.