Simple Blessings


Thanking God for answering simple requests:  A Short Story

My five year old grandson called me the other day asking if I had his stuffed animal, Squirrelly. I had bought Squirrelly about four months ago. Somehow he couldn’t find him, and asked did I know where he was. Seeing the sadness on his face, I regretably said, “No…I do not.” He whinned , “I want Squiiirrrrelllly.”  When I assured him I didn’t have Squirrelly, he wanted to know if I could go to the store to get “him” again. He also requested that Squirrelly  squeaked as before. That was a tall order! However, I told him, “I will go to the store and get Squirrelly a brother.” Because they were in limited quantity at that time, I knew the odds were less than slim that there would be another Squirrelly in that store. But because of  the urgency in his voice, I decided to go.

When I got to the store, there were many stuffed animals on the shelves, but no Squirrelly to be found. I looked up and down and all around. I finally located a blue bear that squeaked. I was happy! ‘Maybe he’ll be satisfied with this stuffed animal since he too could squeak’, I thought. I mean, a squeak is a squeak; it shouldn’t matter the stuffed animal as long as it squeaked, right?

After convincing myself he would love the squeaking bear and forget about Squirrelly, I decided to browse around in the store a little. I happened to wander over against a wall and looked down. To my surprise, more stuffed animals! I stooped down and began leisurely looking through the stuffed animals. Finding Squirrelly wasn’t really on my mind anymore (since I had convinced myself he would love the squeaking bear).  However, as I dug  into the pile, I couldn’t believe my eyes! There it was…another Squirrelly! (the only one left in the store). My intention was to buy him a supply of Squirrelies if available.

“Wow,” I said, “Thank you Jesus for hearing the simple cry of my grandson!” What was the odds that there was another Squirrelly in the store; the only one? I had no doubt it was God leading me to the place where He was going to answer a child simple request. God, once again reminded me He does hear our fainted most minutest prayer!  I continued to thank and Praise God for His kindness toward this little child…and even to all His children, young and old. The moral of this story: we must never stop making our requests known to God, no matter how small; He does hear us. Out of the mouth of a babe, this request was made.

Truly I was grateful my grandson had called that day. My heart was blessed to give Glory and Praise to God for being our “Prayer Answerer!” My heart was further encouraged  to keep on thanking Him no matter what, even for our smallest unexpected requests.

Needless to say, my grandson was off the chain to have Squirrelly again! After grasping Squirrelly, he hugged me so tight I could hardly breathe. He yelled, “Squirrelly!” Then just as loud,  he said, “Thank you Grandma Kitty!”  As he was thanking me, I was thanking God. Everyone should  keep on thanking God in everything, no matter how small.

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