Miracle on the Road/ A short story

Thanking God for Miracles

Have you ever experienced a miracle? As we know, many agree miracles happens everyday. Some are noticed and some may go unnoticed. Nevertheless, many say they do occur.

How you define a miracle may differ from one person to the next. But I define a miracle as an extreme phenomenon that happens when at all odds (as seen by the naked eye), was impossible to occur, or not; a surprising occurrence that is considered to be the work of a divine agency. This brings me to my story.

One beautiful sunshiny Saturday morning I was driving on the streets of LA to attend a caregiver’s meeting. I was accompanied by a close friend. Traffic was light. A few minutes earlier for no particular reason, I decided to change lanes. I changed from driving in the right outer lane to the middle left lane.

A few minutes later something happened. My friend echoed a scream to the top of her voice with both hands raised. Needless to say, I was beyond startled! It was no wonder I didn’t let go of the wheel when I heard such an out cry! I immediately glanced in the direction of her scream. I then saw a black pick-up truck quickly approaching from the passenger side of my car where my friend was sitting. It was headed straight for us. the truck had failed to turn onto the clearly available right lane. It was coming directly into the left lane where I was driving. I knew there was no way of avoiding the impact. I remembered praying and thinking; thinking and praying, ‘please Lord don’t let my friend get hit’; all the while seeing from the look of things, it was impossible for her not to be. But praise God she did not get hit.

When I realized my friend wasn’t hurt, (still driving) I began bracing myself for the impending impact to the passenger rear side of the car. In my view, an impact was still unavoidable. The truck was just that close. I knew it was going to hit my car “somewhere”. But thanks be to God, the truck swirled as if someone had literally placed a cushion between us and the truck, thereby preventing what was surely about to take place.

My friend and I gave a big sigh of relief. We knew something had just happen beyond any man’s control. This was indeed a miracle; a truck coming straight for us fail to hit us.  Being obviously shaken, we still gave praise and thanks to God for His divine protective care by providing that miracle on the road. In God, I will keep on thanking. By Hertistine Washington





2 thoughts on “Miracle on the Road/ A short story

  1. I give Him thanks for His care and tender mercy and for His protection because Wgen we are weak He gives us strength when we can’t see He sees praise God in Jesus name.


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