Seek, Seek


Already, because of the upcoming holiday season many are busy shopping. They have begun the process of seeking for something. Some are seeking for toys for their children; some already under the Christmas tree. Others are seeking for gifts for friends, love ones, and acquaintances. Yet, others are seeking for something that will simply appeal to their eyes. The Bible tells us ‘the eyes are never satisfied.” So be are careful little eyes what you seek.

Of course, there is no harm in buying nice things for others that will add joy and happiness to someone’s life. Just don’t forget to seek Jesus, first. There are great blessings in finding Him. Salvation will be yours. Joy will come. Love will overflow. Peace will soothe your heart and mind.

Thanking God that seeking Jesus doesn’t mean He’s in hiding. Quite the contrary, His Holy Word tells us to “seek Him while He may be found.” Be grateful, He’s here today, and ever-present with  us.  He’s the only gift for Christmas that’s not on sale; He’s free.

“But seek first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you” (Matthew 6:33 ESV).

In God, I will keep on thanking Him, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  By Hertistine Washington/

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