Comfort Promised



“I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you (John 14:18 KJV). We’re living in a world where so many people are lacking comfort because of grief, disappointments, sadness, failures, or broken promises. Unfortunately, experiencing these are a part of life. But there is hope.

Recently, I lost a dear love one. He was my favorite uncle. I was saddened and disappointed that I couldn’t make it back home for his funeral. At first, I felt a little guilt because circumstances had prevented me. But thanks be to God, I was reminded from His Word (in spite of my grief) there was someone who promised comfort when needed. His name is Jesus. As surely as He gave me comfort, He’ll do the same for you.

Coming to Him in prayer lifted me from a spirit of guilt to a spirit of gratitude. I began thanking God for giving my uncle so many years of grace, and allowing me to be a part of his life. Afterwards, other precious memories began to flood my soul. Before I knew it, I was laughing. I thank God for being faithful in providing His comfort during this grieving time in my life. For those who have experienced or experiencing grief or loss in any form, be assured God is there to provide the comfort you need… right now.

I will keep on thanking God for His ever present comfort.   By Hertistine Washington/



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