Gratitude Gold Nuggets

To all the followers and visitors of my blog, I thank God our Father through our Lord Jesus Christ for you. I hope this year of Monday’s Gratitude Gold Nuggets (April 2017 to March 26, 2018) have been one of inspiration and motivation for you to express gratitude in every day living. However, this year’s GGN’s will conclude from being  posted on my site at this time. They will continue to be posted on face book and twitter as God gives inspiration.

I welcome you to continue to follow, visit, and share my blog with others, as more words of inspiration will come to encourage you and myself to keep expressing gratitude in every walk of life.



“Thankful, we have a mind to be grateful.”

“Thankful, we can express gratitude everywhere and not be in jeopardy.”

“Thankful, God provides His tool (the Bible) to share His good news (Jesus).”

“Thankful, even when we walk through dry places, God is still there.”

“Thankful, Jesus is coming back again.”

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