Gratitude It!

Sometimes no matter what is going on in life (making you kind of crazy), I dare you to gratitude it! Yes, just say, “thank you, Lord” while you’re in that situation. I’ve come to realize after all that thinking and planning what to do, how can I fix it, what’s going on…. sometimes I just had to pause and say “Lord, thank you.” Yes, thank Him that things are not as bad as they could be. Then thank Him that I know that! Thank Him that I’m still living and breathing while in that situation.

I shared that to say, at this time in my life I know that it pays to gratitude it, and I pray you will too (what ever “it” is)! Yes, gratitude it! That’s my stamp on what comes, what may. I’m learning when I put a gratitude stamp on any issue or circumstance, things seems to look better. With God, I know it is better. So let me encourage you.

As we know, whenever we send a package, the postal clerk always put a stamp on it. This indicates that it is ready for delivery from your hands to his. No matter what route it will take, we can be assured that it’s going! It’s out of our hand and reach! No need to worry about the route it will take, or the hands it will pass through. We can be confident that our package is on the way! That’s how it is when we gratitude it. We’ve made the decision to thank and trust God for His way of  delivery in any situation. Now… the method of delivery may not look so “good” to us, but we can ‘gratitude it’ by thanking God that He “is” Good!

“Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving and perform your vows to the Most High,” Psalm 50:14.

I will keep on thanking God, in spite of.   By Hertistine Washington/





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