Warrior or worrier?

Warrior or worrier, which are you? If you’re not sure, let me share this short story on worry. Once upon a time there was a Godfearing Warrior who had thought she had learned to let go and let God handle all her worries and cares. One night after making a tough decision about a matter, the warrior went to bed and fell peacefully asleep. Her mind was at ease. However, about 3:45 am, she slightly began to awaken, as her decision crept back into her head… and that was okay. What was not okay was when she began pondering about the probability of negative outcomes. I tell you this Godfearing Warrior went from one undesirable outcome to the next. After realizing she was only considering the negative outcomes, she began to notice she was getting a bit anxious, restless, and becoming oh so wide awake! At that point she recognized this to be her old archenemy, Ole Lady Worry.

How did she know it was Ole lady Worry? Because their paths had crossed before, and Ole Lady Worry tried to overtake her then, and the Godfearing Warrior knew she only came to try to do it again. But because of the Godfearing Warrior’s training, she never forgot what weapon was needed to combat Ole Lady Worry. In the past when the Godfearing Warrior became restless, she would cry out to her Lord with the weapon of prayer. She knew in her distress her God had always been there to answer her, faithfully. Through prayer, she had no doubt He would do it again.

Being that the Godfearing Warrior remembered how she finally overcame Ole Lady Worry from past encounters, she made it a practice to keep her weapon with her. She kept it in her heart. She never left home or slept without it. It became her protection even while she was sleeping. She had only to draw it out. Through her prior experiences with Ole Lady Worry, the Godfearing Warrior found that when she chose to use her weapon of prayer, Ole Lady Worry had to step aside, no matter how elegantly she was dressed, heels and all!

With that said, unfortunately, worriers tend to lie down and wallow in their anxiety, whereas warriors choose to call on the God of War and take courage in His strength. That is all the Godfearing Warrior needed to do, and she knew it. When she did that, her peaceful sleep returned. You may ask, what ever happened to Ole lady Worry? Oh, I don’t know. All I can tell you is, she did what she always does when she meets the Word of God in prayer; Ole Lady Worry goes away.

The moral of the story: I hope this helps you to know which you are, a warrior or a worrier. It surely encouraged me to choose to war over worry with the Word of God in prayer when I feel worry approaching. And believe you me, worry is always lying in wait; at noonday, midnight, or early in the morning light. Just remember what the Word of God says: “Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world” (1John 4:4, ESV). Also remember, greater is He that is in you than… Ole Lady Worry.

Helpful Hint: Just so you’ll know, worry will try to come back another day, (maybe even on your special day); but you don’t have to step aside and let it have it’s way, even if you’re sleeping in your bed. Take courage, and pray, pray, pray. If you pray and dig into the Word, you can root out worry every time! So war on soldier, war on. You got this in Jesus name, amen!

I will keep on thanking God for the power that’s in His Word. Dear Lord, thank you for calming my fears and anxiety through the power of Your Word, in Jesus name, amen.

“The LORD is a man of war; the LORD is his name” (Exodus 15:13,ESV).

In lieu of Mother’s Day: When we let God do our warring, we won’t be worrying.

Happy Mother’s Day!

By Hertistine Washington ?keeponthanking.com

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