Be Thankful Still

We may not get to do what we wanted to do everyday.

We may not win every battle that comes our way.

Yet, there is one thing we can do; be thankful still.

We can say, Lord, thank You. You know best, and in this we can rest.

Although we didn’t win that battle, we know we’re already winners because we are connected to You who has conquered all.

We may not have gone where we intended to go. Still, we are thankful You directed our steps.

And oh, Lord, we may not have accomplished all we hoped today, but we can be thankful that You did.

“Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving” (Colossians 4:2,ESV)

I will keep on thanking God, even when I don’t get my way. Dear Lord, thank You for guiding my steps even though they didn’t take me where I thought I wanted to go. You know best in Jesus name, amen. By Hertistine Washington /

May the blessings of the Lord be with you today.

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