Love’s Way: Day #2, Fact #2 “Love is Patient and Kind”

In celebration of Love and Valentine’s Day, I again welcome you to the second evening of love. I hope you’re feeling relaxed and free of distractions, reclining in your favorite chair, or resting on your bed. That said, I’m so glad you decided to join me, and I hope you are ready to hear Love’s Way.

Fact #1 has already told us who Love is, right? : God is love. So this evening, I want to simply share a second fact on Love. It won’t take a lot of writing. Not a lot of reading; Not any nitpicking. Solely the fact that LOVE IS PATIENT AND KIND. Before you retire for the night, let that sink in. Let it sink in until God gives you the revelation that you need. I surely don’t know what revelation that would be, and I dare not pretend to know. But God does. Therefore, sometimes you might need to repeat Fact #2 slooooowly (three or four times) before you actually hear what the Spirit is saying to you. But first, listen to this Love Alert: Be advised, this evening of love is not about your husband or your wife; not about the other woman or the other man; nor your significant other, and surely not your sister or your brother. It’s about you and me growing in the knowledge that LOVE IS PATIENT AND KIND that we may be demonstrators of God’s love to the world. Simply put, love doesn’t get in a hurry. It is tolerant. It is patient, and it is kind enough to listen, wait, and receive. Ask yourself, am I patient and kind enough to listen, wait, and receive, especially on this evening of love? Again, let that marinate. Just stir it around in your mind so that the Holy Spirit can imprint in your conscious and subconscious… LOVE IS PATIENT AND KIND.

Scripture reference: “Love is patient and kind… 1Corinthians 13:4a

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow evening. Thank you for coming, and I pray you have a lovely and restful night. May the blessings of the Lord be with you always.

Submitted with love,

By Hertistine Washington /

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