Love’s Way: Day 5; Fact #5 “Love Does Not Insist On It’s Own Way”

Good evening. Welcome back everyone. Again, I’m thrilled you’ve join me this Saturday evening on Day 5 to share Fact #5 of 14 on Love’s Way in celebration of Love and Valentine’s Day. Here it is: LOVE DOES NOT INSIST ON IT’S OWN WAY. Be mindful, however, the idea is not that love doesn’t insist. It simply doesn’t “selfishly” insists on it’s own way. There are times when love must insist on a particular way, God’s way; the right way. LOVE DOES NOT INSIST ON IT’S OWN WAY tells me that love is not about self and selfish motives. It’s not self-seeking. It’s not demanding. It’s not pushy. It’s not assertive for it’s own purposes. It does not insist on it’s own view. It does not force it’s way. It does not say ‘my way or no way’. Then, what does love do? Love seeks the good of others. Love is considerate. Love is thoughtful. Love wants the best for another. Love is understanding. Love works with you. Love hopes the best for you. Love will do for you to be all you can be. Love encourages and helps you grow. Now that’s Love’s Way, God’s way. Here’s to wishing you a lovely evening. Just bare in mind, LOVE DOES NOT INSIST ON IT’S OWN WAY. Love knows we’re in this together to support another.

Scripture reference: “It does not seek it’s own way…” 1 Corinthians 13:5b

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow evening. Thank you for joining in, and I pray you have a lovely and restful night. May the blessings of the Lord be with you always.

Submitted with love,

By Hertistine Washington /

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