Love’s Way: Day 8, Fact #8 “Love Does Not Rejoice at Wrong”

Good evening everybody. Welcome back. I’m again so grateful to continue to share with you, Love’s Way on Love and Valentine’s Day. Day 8, Fact #8: LOVE DOES NOT REJOICE AT WRONG. We can’t help but be clear on this fact, love’s character doesn’t rejoice with wrong; it cannot. Remember our first fact? God is love. Be sure, anyone who possesses His character will not take enjoyment in wrongdoing. As you celebrate love this season, I hope you will take delight not only in the things that pleases your Valentine, but also in the things that please God. That said, I pray you stay in line and treat your Valentine kind :)! It’s just a fact, any way in opposition to God’s way of loving is unacceptable and unkind. Simply remember, LOVE DOES NOT REJOICE AT WRONG. That is, love doesn’t desire to do anything that’s dishonest or inappropriate toward the one it loves. It will not rejoice nor participate in wrongful behavior. Love seeks a more excellent way. It seeks Love’s Way. As you recline on this wonderful evening, I ask, who or what are you rejoicing in this love season? I pray you are rejoicing in Christ’s way to love and His way to care for your Valentine, knowing LOVE DOES NOT REJOICE AT WRONG.

Scripture reference: 1 Corinthians 14: 6a “It does not rejoice at wrongdoing.”

Looking forward to sharing with you tomorrow. And thank you for joining in, I pray you have an restful night. May the blessings of the Lord be with you always.

Submitted with love,

By Hertistine Washington /

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