Love’s Way: Day 10, Fact #10 “Love Bears All Things”

Good evening. Welcome back to sharing Love’s Way, as we celebrate Love and Valentines Day on Day10, Fact #10: LOVE BEARS ALL THINGS. Wow, that’s huge right there! When I meditated on this fact, I couldn’t help but first think of Jesus. For it was Jesus the Savior, who bore all things for all people from the cradle to the cross to the grave. Without a doubt this kind of love is unique. It can’t be compared with or to any other.

When I think about the word bears, I also think of that which supports, sustains, or holds up. Definitely we need this kind of love in our relationships and marriages; a love that supports and protects in all things… A God kind of love. This doesn’t mean you’ll be agreement on everything, but that you will support in truth in all things. For certainly relationships are challenging, but it is God’s love that sustains us when we desire to have or build one that’s pleasing to Him. It is through His strength that we can do or bear all things. It is His love that provides this strength in the struggles of life and in relationships. That said, as you show love and appreciation to your Valentine, I pray you will be mindful of God’s kind: LOVE BEARS ALL THINGS. Finally, as we recline for the evening, I hope we realize, when love is portrayed God’s way, we’re in for a lovely Valentine’s Day.

Scripture reference: 1 Corinthians 13:7a “Love bears all things…”

I’m looking forward to sharing with you tomorrow. Thanks again for joining in. May the blessings of the Lord be with you always.

Submitted with love,

By Hetistine Washington /

1 thought on “Love’s Way: Day 10, Fact #10 “Love Bears All Things”

  1. This is a beautiful thing your doing sweetheart, spreading All this LOVE around during this Valentines season of 2022 in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord & Savior! Thank you Hertistine for being you & following your Spirit! Much Love ❤️


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