Love’s Way: Day 14, Fact #14 “Love Never Ends”

Good evening and welcome back to the last day of this series, Love’s Way on Love and Valentine’s Day: Day 14, Fact #14: LOVE NEVER ENDS. Although we’re ending this series, it so good to know God’s way of LOVE NEVER ENDS. His love continues. It never fails. Therefore, we say thank you God, for encouraging us to show love Your way. We give You the glory! That said, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY everybody! I imagine by this time many have already celebrated in some form; others making preparation for later this evening. However you celebrate, I hope you continue with God’s way of loving others, your Valentine, and yourself. Yes, be kind to yourself this Valentine’s Day. To conclude these 14 days, I have a surprise! I’ve written a poem just for you, entitled: LOVE’S WAY.

Valentine’s Day is a great time to say, “I choose to love my Valentine God’s way. His love is patient and kind; that’s how I’II treat my Valentine. Love does not envy or boast; I will rejoice in it the most.

It is not arrogant or rude; it surely helps me to keep my cool. It does not insist on its on way; that said, I don’t demand the last say. It is not irritable or resentful; therefore I don’t take pleasure in being vengeful.

It does not rejoice at wrongdoing; only in righteousness, it will be pursuing. It rejoices in the truth; simply read His Word… therein is the proof. Love bears all things and believes all things too. It hopes all things and endures all things with you.

Last, but not least, love never ends; it will never fail; it will stay with you, and never bail.”

I pray this is the way we choose to love, as demonstrated to us from God above. God’s love is everywhere; it’s even in the air.

Scripture reference: 1 Corinthians 13:8a “Love never ends…”

There are no words to express how much it meant to me to have you join in these 14 days up until Valentine’s Day. Thank you so much! And I pray you continue spreading love God’s way. May the blessings of the Lord be with you always.

Submitted with love.

By Hertistine Washington /

2 thoughts on “Love’s Way: Day 14, Fact #14 “Love Never Ends”

  1. Hertistine, thank you so very much for blessing me with your 14 days of true & absolute love God’s way in celebration of Valentine’s Day! Your beautiful final day poem really sums up what love truly is, God Is Love!


  2. Awww… thank you so much for your encouraging words. It’s individual like you that helps keep me inspired. I thank God for allowing me to write words that motivate others towards Him. We give Him praise. Thank you :)!


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