Black History No Mystery

Black history, no mystery. But obvious-ly a real sto-ry,

of humani-ty and digni-ty,

Of those who stood persistent-ly

Through the mocke-ry for victo-ry.

Now listen…. very close-ly


To the sto-ry,

Of God’s glo-ry

That set us free.

Black history, no mystery.

It’s real stuff; not no fuss.

All for one. One for all.

Brothers and sistas, just hear the call.

We are one. Never two. Standing together, me and you.

One blood. One race, marching for freedom, pace by pace.

Black history, no mystery. But sad-ly, given one month, so swift-ly

To celebrate the abili-ty of the man-y,

Who built and made this coun-try a dynas-ty,

It’s real stuff; ain’t calling no bluff.

‘Bout those who died to save our hide;

Now, living with pride,

Who paved the way for us today.

Yes, all for one. One for all, holding others up, that none will fall.

Black History, no mystery. Can’t you see,

How wonderfull-ly

God sustains us on this jour-ney!

Just so you’ll know, in all that be,

One month can’t hold our history!

“The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me.” Psalm 16:6

Please pray with me: Dear God, I will keep on thanking you for my heritage, in Jesus name amen.

May the blessing of the Lord be with you always!

By Hertistine Washington /

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