A Writer’s Chat



Sometimes I just desire to write. It brings me comfort and soothes my appetite. Sometimes I wish God would give me more to say so that I could write everyday. I know He often fills my mind with sweet melodies of every kind. But like most, I too must wait on the Lord’s inspiration. I’m sure there is a message in what I’m writing now, (though it’s yet to be revealed). All I know is, I feel so good writing to the Lord in this very moment. I write: I love you Lord. I love you for giving me a desire to sit and type as I wait on you for insight. This one is for You, Lord…just a little chat, for you’re the one who raise me, and always had my back.

I remember at one time I was so down and out, and didn’t know where to turn. You lifted me and changed my life by placing a desire in my heart to write. My heart yearns deeper for you as I share words of inspirations to the open heart. I say thank you, Lord. You have helped me so. Let my writing always be saturated with thanksgiving and praises to you; and may all writers be encouraged to share words of your love, joy, wisdom, and truth.

My mom said, You will always be with me, and I have found that to be true. She would often said, “There is no God like You.”

“Let my mouth be filled with thy praise and with thy honor all the day” (Psalm 71:8 KJV).

In God, I will keep on thanking Him that just a little chat with Jesus makes it right.  By Hertistine Washington/ keeponthanking.com


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